Jo Black

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As husband, father, musician and storyteller, Jo says he is “just an ordinary guy with a passion for people”. A Pretoria native, Jo started an initiative called Be That Guy / Be That Girl – a movement that helps children to nurture a positive attitude – before prioritising his music career.

Jo proceeded to launch his ‘Be That Guy Braai’ drive "to give hope and inspiration to men". The concept spread like wildfire and BTGB-gatherings are now held nationwide on Friday mornings.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing for this friendly celeb with his signature beard: Jo underwent neck surgery in September 2018 after two of his vertebrae disintegrated. His vocal cords were compromised and doctors recommended an urgent operation.

The op was successfully performed on 9 September, 2018, but many of Jo's scheduled performances had to be cancelled. This personal trauma was but one of the life experiences that combined to mould Jo into a most worthy contributor to this event